Contact publishes information, news and results of elections of all kinds publishes results of election held for parliaments, assemblies , professional bodies like doctors associations, journalist associations,clubs, collages, universities, from all over the world.

Specialised services by www.

We also provide following services:-

1- Pre-Election survey

2-Post election survey

3- Election campaign management

4-Social media campaign for candidates

5-Social media campaign for political parties

6-Booth management

7-Candidates selection service

8-Campaign building

9-Fund raising for elections

10-Audio visual material production

11-Election material designing and printing

12-Election Data analysis

13-Other related aspects of elections

14-financial managements

15-Post election stress management

16-Consultancy services for election in any part of  the world



Contact advertisement and care department 

J.Pandey –  +91 9102808040


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