Election Commission of India

Election Commission of India to ensure distribution of Photo Voter Slips to all voters

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To ensure that Photo Voter Slips are distributed to all the voters during the forthcoming Assembly elections of Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Mizoram and Rajasthan, the Commission has directed the Chief Electoral Officers (CEO) to streamline the distribution of Photo Voter Slips by Booth Level Officers.

The Commission has reiterated its instructions of 21st March, 2014, according to which the Returning Officer (RO) of the Constituency has been directed to prepare a schedule for distribution of Photo Voter Slips by the BLOs. A copy of this schedule shall be given by the RO to the Political Parties, Booth Level Agents (BLA) of all recognized political parties, if they have been appointed and contesting Candidates and their Agents, under acknowledgement.

The Commission has also directed that ROs shall ensure that the above said schedule shall be given well in advance and this shall be adhered to strictly by all BLOs.