MCD elections a national issue for BJP

BJP Delhi India Narendra Modi PM

New Delhi:

Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi thanked citizens of Delhi by posting on Tweeter his personal thanks to Delhi for electing the Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) back in power in the Municipal Corporation of Delhi(MCD) polls.

It is not common that Prime Minister of a country tweets about municipal elections.  This shows that these civic elections were not about local issues. In fact, it was being seen a referendum of BJP policies in the Capital.

The BJP defeated the Aam Aadmi Party badly. The BJP, incumbent for ten years in the MCD,  snatched 184 out of the total 272 wards, upping its strength from previously held 138.

This municipal election witnessed participation of many cabinet ministers film stars and cricketer campaigning for candidates .The money spent on it was also on the scale of Loksabha elections. The media coverage  was unprecedented.

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